Godfrey Q was founded in 2003 to address the underserved needs of business-to-business technology marketers.

From day one, we’ve been a full-service advertising, strategy, creative, media, branding and digital shop. But great results attract attention, and our client roster now includes consumer brands as well.

As a result, our skill set now spans social, demand generation, search, environmental and internal communications. Named the #16 Independent B-to-B Advertising Agency by AdAge in 2014, we continue to grow our client roster and capabilities in a constantly shifting cultural and media landscape.


Our entire franchise goes up and down the elevator every day. And it’s a priority to make sure they keep coming back.

We’ve been uncommonly successful in developing and retaining our best people. That’s why we’re so happy to remain independent with no holding company to answer to.

By favoring earn-in vs. earn-out in something we call “reverse acquisition,” we intend to reward and keep our best and brightest.


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221 Main St, San Francisco, CA 94105, U.S.A.