The Wawanesa Way

When Wawanesa came to us, they had an award and a problem: The J.D. Power award for highest customer satisfaction among auto insurers in California, and a long list of competitors spending $4 billion in advertising.

Wawanesa didn’t have quite that much to spend. And although there are plenty of low-cost insurance companies out there, Wawanesa is the one that couples low rates with exceptional, award-winning customer service.

We called this desirable combo of low rates and great service The Wawanesa Way. Its founding principle is simple: saving money shouldn’t cost anything. Sure, there are plenty of ways to save money, but most of them will cost you something else. (And some of them are just plain silly.)

The Wawanesa Way campaign generated record call volume—so much that the media had to be paused until call center staffing could be increased. And the digital campaign generated 5X the industry average for click-throughs to the website. Today, it continues to capture new customers both online and on the phone.


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