The Backup of Destiny

Though vital to a thriving business, Backup Administrators are tragically underappreciated. But Symantec recognizes these men and women for the unsung heroes they are – the diligent protectors of a business’s ability to succeed. And so Symantec tasked us with creating a social experience in support of Backup Exec 2014 that spoke to the true experiences of Backup Admins.

When presented with the challenge of creating a compelling experience for an audience inured to insincere marketing, we had the idea of translating the classic choose your own adventure narrative style into a YouTube experience. It allowed us a not-too-serious way to create a humorous story that addressed our audience with that rarest quality: sincerity. And why stop there when we could add a blockbuster-style trailer and a living Twitter account for the protagonist?

The results of the campaign were especially gratifying: Within a matter of weeks, we had generated 29 million impressions and over 728,000 views. The total time spent playing was more than 435 days; that’s excess of 10,000 manhours of engagement among an audience openly suspicious of inauthentic advertising. And we couldn’t be more proud to receive The American Business Awards 2015 Gold Stevie Winner, for Brand Experience of the Year – B2B.

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