The first rule is that there are no rules in media. The dynamic nature of our business requires that we be fluid, flexible and adaptive. Each assignment comes with its own unique set of challenges. One size – or even one plan – does not fit all.

We are often asked if media is a science or an art. Our (evasive) answer is “yes.” Sure, we utilize marketing automation, attribution modeling and every state-of-the-art tool at our disposal. But they make for lifeless metrics if they are not infused with a distinctly human element.

In other words: Data can point to a direction, but it takes a living, imaginative media strategist to bring a plan to life.

It’s all about reaching the right mindset at the right time. We believe the best medium to engage a user is one that treads lightly on his or her experience while, at the same time, enhancing brand interaction.

Godfrey Q offers full media planning and buying services across all media types: digital, mobile, social, broadcast, print, OOH and emerging. We approach all projects media agnostically to better ensure a more holistic, strategic approach.

The Godfrey Q media capabilities reflect an end-to-end solution, from planning and implementation to stewardship and analysis. The result is messaging that not just engages consumers but initiates long and productive relationships.

Very much like the one we’d love to have with you.

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