Do It All

The current and future needs of IT have become increasingly complex. More than ever, organizations are seeking solutions that can create visibility, insight, security, authentication, instant access and controls around their data in order to effectively grow and protect their businesses – and Symantec is uniquely positioned to deliver.

Symantec solutions protect information for people, successful enterprises, global industries and beyond. The versatility and ubiquity of its solutions have grown far beyond antivirus and security.

The Symantec “Do It All” campaign emphasizes the freedom and enablement that is only possible when information is easily accessible, authenticated, managed and protected. It communicates that Symantec doesn’t create the amazing and wonderful things its customers do, but it does create a world in which it is possible for them to thrive.

The primary components of the “Do It All” campaign are Power Verbs. These are words that will be rendered in 3-D typography and appear large and centered in advertisements and assets. The goal of this treatment is to reduce the campaign’s message to powerful, essential units that can be rapidly understood and consumed.

Each verb relays a piece of the overall conversation while simultaneously suggesting both the breadth of Symantec solutions and the freedom those solutions provide.

The campaign launched in social media, print, digital, video units, OOH, event creative and even manifested itself in an internal campaign. Since its launch in April 2014, the campaign has extended into 22 countries and counting.

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